It’s not just slippery baths that are a hazard. We have put together a list of bathroom safety tips to keep young children safe in the bathroom. Here is our top 5 easy to implement tips for bathroom safety for kids:


Children can drown in just a few centimetres of water. The golden rule is don’t leave them alone even for a second. Before you run the bath be prepared with towels, shampoo and so on to hand. Never leave bath water in the bath when it is not in use (easily done when you have finally managed to bathe a wriggly baby!). If you need to answer the door or phone always take the baby with you, bath seats and bath aides are not suitable for a child to be left in unattended.


Make sure you have non slip stickers in the bottom of the bath permanently. These are better than bath mats because they are always in place and are not a trip hazard. You can get padded tap covers if you have particularly intrusive taps and are worried about bumps to the head. It’s also worth remembering to close the toilet lid to minimise the temptation of curious toddlers to play in the water. You can buy lid locks on the market if the toilet is proving to be an issue.


Run your bath with cold water before hot, to prevent scalding. Adjust your hot water heater so that the hot water is no more than 49 degrees centigrade. This will prevent boiling hot water coming out of the taps.


Medicines should have child-proof caps and are stored high out of reach of children and in a locked cupboard. It is a good idea to store toiletries separately and to also bear in mind that some of these can be dangerous for young children too. Use high cupboards with child safety catches.


The simplest way to avoid bathroom injuries for the very young is to make sure your child cannot get into the room without an adult. This could be as simple as putting a latch just out of reach so that toddlers. Make sure that any locks on the inside of the bathroom door can be unlocked from the outside as well, just in case your child locks themselves in.

We hope these bathroom safety tips for kids have been helpful.