bath toys

Top 5 bath toy picks


It’s that time of year again, so we thought we’d seek out some of the best bath toys for little ones this Christmas.

Rainbow Stacker by Tolo Toys
7 different size textured cups for stacking, filling, tipping, counting and of course for using as silly hats. Suitable for age 6 months and above. Warning: could get splashy!

Imaginext Submarine
Brilliant range of toys from Fisher Price Imaginext. This cool submarine can be used on dry land as well as being fully suitable for use in the bath. The chunky construction means that it will stand the test of time, and lasts from age 3 right up to 7 or 8.

Bath numbers and letters
Make learning fun with these foam numbers and letters from Munchkin that will stick to the side of the bath when they get wet. Better for age 3 and above or they are a bit too tempting to chew.

Playmobil Family Speedboat
Love this one – this Playmobil speedboat is great if you have a couple of kids in the bath as there are enough characters to go round. It encourages splashy imaginative play, and the mini snorkelling gear is just too cute. Great for children four and over as it does have small parts.

And for the 5th year running, our top pick of the baby bath toys is once again… an empty shampoo bottle!

Of course you will need somewhere to store all these toys, so get your mitts on this Frog Pod by Boon. The back of the frog detaches so you can scoop up all the toys and it allows all the water to drain away. There is even a place for your shampoo and sponge.

Finally, one word of warning: Never, EVER, be tempted to get the bath pens. Big mistake. Your grout might never be the same again!