Its Child Safety Week on 24th June – 30th June, and here at Non Slip Bath we are encouraging our customers to be ‘Water Safety Heroes’.

Katrina Phillips, Chief Executive at the Child Accident Prevention Trust, the national charity that runs Child Safety Week said:

“Our message for Child Safety Week is you don’t need to be superhuman to be a Safety Hero. Putting your coffee cup out of reach of small hands, keeping painkillers and cleaning things stored safely away, practising road safety with your children while you’re out walking – these small things all add up to children who are protected from serious harm.”

There are some really simple things that you can do to improve safety around water for children.


Babies can slip under the water and drown silently, so you won’t hear any noise or struggle.


  • Always stay with your baby or young child when they are in the bath.
  • Empty the paddling pool as soon as you’ve finished using it – don’t leave it until the next day.
  • Make sure you are using a non slip bath mat or anti slip bath stickers in your bath.

There are more tips on how to be a Safety Hero on the Child Safety Week website