• Bathroom safety tips for children

5 easy bathroom safety tips for children

It's not just slippery baths that are a hazard. We have put together a list of bathroom safety tips to keep young children safe in the bathroom. Here is our top 5 easy to implement tips for bathroom safety for kids: Supervision Children can drown in just a few centimetres of water. The golden rule

Ingenious uses for Anti Slip Stickers

One of our customers came up with an ingenious use for Anti Slip Bath Stickers, and he emailed us to share his idea: "I recently installed some bunk beds for my grandsons. The ladder to the top bunk is painted wood and somewhat slippery for young feet. In a moment of inspiration I put some

How to prevent a fall in the bathroom this Christmas

Its the time of year where many people invite friends and relatives to stay in their home. We frantically tidy and clean, but how many people remember to consider simple safety precautions for their elderly relatives or grandchildren? Here are 5 tips on simple precautions on how to prevent a fall in the bathroom and

Be a Child Safety Hero, for Child Safety Week

Its Child Safety Week on 24th June - 30th June, and here at Non Slip Bath we are encouraging our customers to be 'Water Safety Heroes'. Katrina Phillips, Chief Executive at the Child Accident Prevention Trust, the national charity that runs Child Safety Week said: “Our message for Child Safety Week is you don’t need

Slippery sledges? Use anti slip bath stickers!

They say its going to snow this weekend! So we've dusted down the sledge and are waiting excitedly by the door.  Slippery sledges can be a problem and last year we found that our toddler kept on slipping off the sledge before he made it down the hills, so we nipped into the stockroom, grabbed

Anti slip bath stickers review

Big thanks to Chloe for reviewing our anti-slip bath safety stickers with her son Arlo. We are delighted that you found them so helpful. Click here to see the bath stickers review With lots of people having family to stay this Christmas, make sure they stay safe with anti slip bath safety circles. Baths can

Reviews and Product Testers – anti slip bath stickers review

Customer reviews and product testers help us to develop our non slip bath safety stickers and help our customers to know that they do what they are supposed to. Here is an anti slip bath stickers review from First Time Daddy who is responsible for ‘Daddy Does Bathtime’ in their household. So chuffed with his