Non Slip Bath nominated for the LUX Hotel & Spa Awards

We're delighted to announce that our Anti Slip Bath & Shower stickers have been nominated for the LUX Hotel & Spa awards. The winners will be announced on 29th July 2019, so wish us luck!

  • 1 pack of non slip shower stickers

Safer Showers in Hotels

It only takes one slip in the shower or bath for you to be very cautious and nervous of the risk next time. For many people, this extends to having concerns about the safety of hotel showers and baths when staying away from home. It is a great time of year for Hotel Managers and

  • Mouldy Bath Mat

Mouldy Bath Mat

Banish Your Mouldy Bath Mat! Lets face it, rubber non slip bath mats are pretty grim! Who knows what that black stuff is that seems to gather underneath it that’s impossible to get off. Its hardly conducive to a relaxing bath and getting clean. Some people say you can bleach it, make all sorts of

  • Anti Slip Stickers

Safer Showers at Swimming Pool

This week we were delighted to be able to help out the owners of a swimming pool in our local area of Devon who had a problematic slippery shower tray.  The owner has just completed building a luxury swimming pool, hot tub and changing area as part of a holiday home complex. Slippery Shower Tray