Worried about a loved one slipping in the shower?

Many of us have friends or relatives who are getting older, or who have a temporary loss of mobility when they are recovering from an operation. Bathing and showering can be particularly problematic, and something that they used to take for granted becomes a great cause of anxiety. Stepping into the bath can be very

  • 1 pack of non slip shower stickers

Safer Showers in Hotels

It only takes one slip in the shower or bath for you to be very cautious and nervous of the risk next time. For many people, this extends to having concerns about the safety of hotel showers and baths when staying away from home. It is a great time of year for Hotel Managers and

Handyperson service – Age UK

A customer got in touch with us yesterday to find out more details about our non slip bath stickers, and she explained that she would require help fitting the stickers as she was elderly and would find bending down difficult. Whilst the non slip stickers are easy and quick to fit for someone with