• Mouldy Bath Mat

Mouldy Bath Mat

Banish Your Mouldy Bath Mat! Lets face it, rubber non slip bath mats are pretty grim! Who knows what that black stuff is that seems to gather underneath it that’s impossible to get off. Its hardly conducive to a relaxing bath and getting clean. Some people say you can bleach it, make all sorts of

Why is soft water slippery?

We have had several customers recently mention that they have ordered our non slip bath stickers because their baths and showers had become very slippery after installing water softeners. And I have heard people who have recently got water softeners comment that their skin feels 'slippery' even after bathing. So whats it all about? Having

1st class deliveries until Christmas

We're sending all orders out first class now until Christmas, to make sure you stay safe in your bath or shower this Chrismtas. Merry Christmas from everyone at Non Slip Bath HQ.