Surely there must be a quick way to keep your bathroom sparking clean and ready for your family and visitors? We have done some quick research and collated some tips of how you can keep your bathroom ship-shape in less than 10 minutes.

Supplies at the ready

Keep a plastic box with all your cleaning suppliers in it, that you can take straight to the bathroom or room you are cleaning, Essential items are: multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, paper towels, anti-bacterial wipes, scrubbing brush, old toothbrush, rubber gloves. (Grab supplies – 1 min)

Stash toiletries

Rather than having lots of bottles, potions and lotions out on the surfaces in the bathroom, make sure you have a drawer or cabinet in your bathroom where everything can be put back each time you use it. If space is limited, each member of the family could have their own sponge bag. The important thing is that you don’t want to have to tidy before you even start to clean. (Stash toiletries – 1 min)

Daily sink & mirror wipe

Don’t allow dirt to build up in the sinks or on the mirrors. In less than a minute a day you can give the sink a wipe with a disposable anti-bacterial or glass wipe and that’s the end of it. (1 min)

Bath or shower

At least once a week wipe down the shower or bath area (2 mins). Encourage your family to give the bath a quick rinse after each use to keep the grime from building up. We always get asked ‘How do I keep my bath mat clean?’ Bath mats are the worst thing in the bathroom to clean, so ditch the bath mat and use anti slip bath stickers instead which only require a quick wipe with a cloth to remain clean.


The worst job in my opinion (especially if you have young boys in the house!) so this is one to keep on top of every day (2 mins). A quick skirt of toilet duck bleach under the rim and a brush round will keep the germs at bay. A daily wipe on the seat are with anti-bacterial wipes will keep things presentable! Keep a toilet brush in each bathroom.


Its easy to forget about the floor, but a quick spray with an anti-bacterial floor cleaner and a wipe with a damp cloth will keep things at bay (2 mins) and then once a week get the mop out for a more substantial clean.

Empty Bins

If you line your bathroom bin with a plastic carrier bag it takes no time at all to empty this every couple of days (1 min).

So there you have it, some quick tips of how to clean your bathroom in 10 minutes.