Will they stick to my bath or shower?

Our anti slip bath stickers are designed for use in a bath, shower or wet room. They are suitable for enamel or plastic baths and shower trays. Make sure the area is thoroughly cleaned, rinsed and dried before applying the stickers to make sure there is a good adhesion. If there is any residue on

What are the benefits of anti slip bath stickers?

The main benefits of anti slip bath stickers that our customers have told us are: More stylish than rubber bathmats Easy to keep clean, they do no attract mould You can cover as much of the bath or shower with them as you like, unlike bathmats which cover a limited area Permanent solution For less

What are anti slip bath stickers?

Anti slip bath stickers are 3.5cm diameter self-adhesive circles with a lightly textured surface, which are stuck directly onto the bath or shower tray to help prevent a slip or fall in the bath. Easy to apply and easy to clean, they provide a stylish and permanent alternative to rubber bath mats, which are notoriously

What’s in a pack?

All you need to make your bath a safer place: 28 non-slip circles, a positioning template and fitting instructions. One pack will cover an area 42cm x 30cm (16.5 inches x 12 inches) approximately, great to cover the area you stand under the shower or where you step in. Check our how many packs you

Can anti slip bath stickers be used on a bath or shower?

Anti slip bath stickers are suitable for enamel, ceramic and acrylic surfaces. They can be used in showers, baths, and wet rooms. Many of our customers have just had a brand new bathroom fitted only to find that the luxurious relaxing bath they were looking forward to is turning out to be a dice with

Are the circles easy to fit?

No DIY skills needed, they take just minutes to fit, come with full instructions and the bath is ready to use immediately. The surface just needs to be clean and dry. Full instructions are sent with each pack. Before applying the stickers it is important to clean the bath using an alcohol based bath cleaner,

How big an area of the bath or shower do they cover?

If you use our template, they’ll cover an area 42cm x 30cm (16.5 inches x 12 inches) approx. We recommend placing them where you step into your bath or where you stand to shower. If you wish to be extra safe, buy extra packs to cover a larger area. Please note, it is not recommended

How do you clean bath stickers?

We often get asked, 'how do you clean bath stickers' and 'do they discolour?'. The anti slip bath stickers require no special cleaning - just use your normal non abrasive bath or shower cleaner. Be careful not to leave the anti slip bath stickers soaking in any cleaning products for a long time as this