Many of our customers use Bath Stickers to create a full length bath mat effect, so there are non slip bath stickers throughout the whole length of the bath. Similarly, with a large slippery shower tray, the stickers can be laid out to ensure the non slip area is where you most need it in your shower.

Anti Slip Bath Stickers are ideal to adapt to whatever size bath or shower tray you have. Our information regarding how many packs do I need is useful for standard size baths and shower trays, but these days there are many different sizes of baths and showers available.

Creating a full length bath mat effect

If your requirements are not standard, we recommend using the bath stickers in the same layout as the template provided with each pack (which covers an area approx the size of an A3 piece of paper) and you can continue the pattern for as much of the shower tray or bath as you like. The main thing to remember is not to attempt to spread the stickers out, as this could result in the gaps between the stickers being too large and therefore would be less effective at preventing a slip or fall in the bath.

full length bath