The main benefits of anti slip bath stickers that our customers have told us are:

  • More stylish than rubber bathmats
  • Easy to keep clean, they do no attract mould
  • You can cover as much of the bath or shower with them as you like, unlike bathmats which cover a limited area
  • Permanent solution
  • For less able people having the stickers permanently in place means no bending down to place bath mats
  • Easy to fit
  • Ideal for hotels and guest houses
  • Modern baths and showers can be really slippery, so they give a good grip so you can bath or shower with confidence
  • Guaranteed to stick to your bath or your money back

Your Home magazine have described them as ‘a revolution’ and they have been recommended by Good Housekeeping magazine. Our non slip bath safety stickers (also known as anti slip bath stickers, bathtub decals or appliques) could drastically reduce the risk of slipping in the bath or shower, and they could even save your life.

A fall in a wet shower or bath can be extremely painful or worse, fatal. Thousands of people fall or slip each year, yet even today, many baths don’t have adequate anti-slip surfaces.

Every year in the UK nearly three-quarters of a million people aged over 60 end up in the local A&E department after a fall, and one in three of these will end up staying in hospital because of their injuries. Figures show around a third of adults who are over 65 and living at home will experience at least one fall a year. This rises to half of adults over 80 who are either at home or in residential care. In 2009 in England and Wales, there were 3,593 deaths as a result of falls. Making small changes at home, such as using non-slip rugs and mats and ensuring that rooms are clutter-free and well lit, can help prevent falls.