A customer got in touch with us yesterday to find out more details about our non slip bath stickers, and she explained that she would require help fitting the stickers as she was elderly and would find bending down difficult. Whilst the non slip stickers are easy and quick to fit for someone with good mobility, it got us wondering at Non Slip Bath HQ whether there was an organisation that helps older people with small household tasks that can become tricky as we get older.

After a bit of research, I found that Age UK operates handyperson services in over 80% of the country. These services offer older people extra help with small practical jobs to make their lives easier and safer around the home.

If you want a handyman (or handywoman) in, some local Age UKs charge a small fee and some are free of charge. To find out more details of you local Age UK handyperson service go to Age UK Handperson Service

The sorts of jobs they can usually help with:
• Small repairs – putting up curtain rails, shelves and pictures
• Safety measures – fitting smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and grab rails
• Home security – door and window locks, door chains and door viewers
• Energy efficiency checks – installing draught excluders, radiator heat reflectors and energy efficient lightbulbs

And of course, don’t forget that your friends, neighbours and family are often happy to help you with odd jobs too – its always worth asking.