How to banish that mouldy bath mat…

Lets face it, rubber non slip bath mats are pretty grim! Who knows what that black stuff is that seems to gather underneath it that’s impossible to get off. Its hardly conducive to a relaxing bath and getting clean. Some people say you can bleach it, make all sorts of concoctions out of baking soda and vinegar, if you have the time to do these things. We have heard of people putting their rubber bath mat in the washing machine, but it seems hardly worth risking the washing machine bearings…

We reckon the best thing to do is take your bath mat out of bath and stick it in the bin RIGHT NOW! Then, invest in these Anti slip Bath Stickers – simply stick them down on the surface of the bath or shower, and hey presto you will be able to bathe without risking life and limb (or a ghastly rubber bath mat).

Anti Slip Bath and Shower Safety Stickers are 3.5cm white self-adhesive circles with a lightly textured surface, which are stuck directly onto the bath. They are less obtrusive than a bath mat, and importantly they are always in place, so there is not the need to constantly bend own and adjust a bath mat, which can be particularly tricky for people with mobility issues.

The Anti Slip Stickers can be used on baths, showers or in wet rooms, and can be arranged in a pattern to suit the shape of your bath or shower.

Anti Slip Bath Stickers are easy to keep clean as part of your normal bath or shower cleaning routine – a wipe of a cloth is all it usually takes, and from time to time a gentle scrub with a soft scrubbing brush.

The stickers can be removed should you ever wish to do so, but they are designed to stay in place for several years.

Don’t spend another day cleaning that awful bathmat, life is too short!


Fed up of mouldy bath mats?

Non Slip Bath Stickers are the answer, no more mould or mildew!
Mouldy Bath Mat