Its the time of year where many people invite friends and relatives to stay in their home. We frantically tidy and clean, but how many people remember to consider simple safety precautions for their elderly relatives or grandchildren?

Here are 5 tips on simple precautions on how to prevent a fall in the bathroom and how we can help our vulnerable guests:

1) Make sure all light bulbs in the bathroom are working. Poor light is often a contributory factor for falls in the bathroom.

2) Apply Anti slip bath stickers to your bath or shower. It may be a long time since you have helped bath toddlers and you want to make sure that they are not sliding around everywhere! For elderly or frail guests, making sure they have an anti slip surface where they enter the bath is critical.

3) Consider buying a grab bar to make access to the bath or shower easier. You can get ones with strong suckers that attach to bathroom tiles and can be removed when no longer needed.

4) De-clutter your bathroom floor. If there are loose bottles, slippery rugs and anything that needn’t be stored there, remove them whilst your guests are staying.

5) Don’t forget to offer help to older guests and ask them whether they would like some help and what you can do to assist them.

If you have any more tips, please share them with us.

Wishing you all a Happy and safe Christmas from Non Slip Bath.