Even today many new baths and shower trays don’t come with an effective anti slip solution. For hotels this can mean having unsightly rubber bath mats in every bathroom, which are time consuming for housekeepers to keep clean and still pose a risk if your guest forgets to put it into the bath.

Non Slip Bath specialise in supplying Anti-slip Bath Safety Stickers, a discreet, stylish and most importantly safe solution to this common problem.

The textured circular stickers can be applied in minutes using the template supplied, and offer a permanent anti slip surface for the base of the bath or shower tray. Hotels, bathroom fitters and property developers are picking up this cost effective trade secret, as the focus on health and safety increases.

Our tried and tested product, is already used by many large hotels (including Hilton, Holiday Inn) and many guest houses.

Key features:

  • Anti-slip bath safety stickers are textured flat PVC discs (3.4cm diameter)
    ·      28 stickers plus a fitting template per pack
    ·      Easy to apply to the bottom of the bath or shower tray
    ·      Provides a slip resistant surface
    ·      Easy to keep clean
    ·      Permanent alternative to unhygienic rubber bath mats
    ·      Discreet solution, doesn’t ruin the look of a luxury bathroom
    ·      Quick to fit (just a few minutes per bath)
    ·      As recommended by Good Housekeeping, Ideal Home, 25 Beautiful Homes & Your Home magazines

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