We see a lot of bathrooms in our line of work, and one of the things that many of our customers are talking about is that they have to spend a long time cleaning their shower screens to keep them looking good. There is a tendency for shower screens to gradually over time get a build up of watermarks which takes some elbow grease and various bathroom cleaners to remove.

But we have found a great product called EnduroShield® which is a coating that can be applied to shower screens that keeps them clean. When the shower is in use, the water seems to bead off really easily, with none of that horrible build up of white marks. Once applied, all you need to do give the shower screen a wipe with a microfibre cloth and a mild detergent such as diluted washing up liquid.

This gets our thumbs up because it saves time on cleaning, stops the need to use harsh chemicals that might harm the environment and are expensive.

This marvelous stuff can also be used on car windscreens, bathroom tiles, glass surfaces and all sorts of things around the house. For more info call 07817 954245 or find out more at Enduring Solutions.