New Bath or shower?

Picture the scene – you’ve just had a lovely new bathroom fitted, you’re really pleased with it. You step into the shower and realize it’s like an ice rink in there, your confidence has gone. Have you just wasted £1000’s on a new bathroom you can’t use?

Don’t panic, there is a solution, that doesn’t involve a grubby rubber bath mat and won’t spoil the look of your gorgeous new bathroom.

Anti Slip Bath and Shower Safety Stickers are 3.5cm white self-adhesive circles with a lightly textured surface, which are stuck directly onto the bath. They are less obtrusive than a bath mat, and importantly they are always in place.

The Anti Slip Stickers can be used on baths, showers or in wet rooms, and can be arranged in a pattern to suit the shape of your bath or shower.

Anti Slip Bath Stickers are easy to keep clean as part of your normal bath or shower cleaning routine – a wipe of a cloth is all it usually takes, and from time to time a gentle scrub with a soft scrubbing brush. The stickers can be removed should you ever wish to do so, but they are designed to stay in place for several years.

Don’t spend another minute worrying you’ve made a mistake, fit some Non-slip bath stickers and start enjoying that lovely bathroom once again. 


Start enjoying your new bathroom...

The peace of mind you need in the bath or shower!