They say its going to snow this weekend! So we’ve dusted down the sledge and are waiting excitedly by the door.  Slippery sledges can be a problem and last year we found that our toddler kept on slipping off the sledge before he made it down the hills, so we nipped into the stockroom, grabbed a pack of Anti Slip Bath Stickers and stuck them all over the seating area of the sledge. Woo-hoo, problem solved. There is just time to get your order in before we are stuck in a snowdrift!

Thats not the only alternative use people have found for them, so far we’ve had people sticking them on beginners surfboards when they are learning to stand, putting them on the soles of slippers, using them to keep dog bowls in place and helping to keep dogs from sliding around the bath at muddy wash time. All tried but not scientifically tested!