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When running a hotel or B&B you’ll always be looking for ways to be more time efficient. Frequently Housekeeping staff comment that bath mats seem to collect dirt and grime, and are time consuming to keep clean. Anti Slip Bath Safety Stickers are a practical, stylish and safe alternative.

Many hotels find that customers forget to use the bath mat and their guests are therefore still at risk from a slip in the bath or shower. Anti Slip Bath Safety Circles are lightly textured stickers that can be applied to the base of a bath or shower, which provide good foothold to prevent a fall. Easy to apply in minutes, they are a low cost and a more permanent solution to slippery baths. They also demonstrate to Health & Safety that you are paying due care and attention to the risk.

Best of all, they are easy to keep clean so you will save time on housekeeping.

For more information or to buy visit Non-Slip Bath.

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