If you are run a hotel or B&B you will be very aware of the power of Trip Advisor, and the impact that good (or bad) reviews can have on your bookings. One thing that comes up fairly often on Trip Advisor is that many hotel bathrooms have slippery showers or baths. In the past many hotels used to have bath mats in each bath. However, now with the emphasis on quick room cleaning, bath mats are just one time consuming cleaning job that housekeeping could do without.

It is very easy to become frustrated with some of the little things that visitors grumble about on Trip Advisor. Although sometimes it can be helpful to see if there are some easy low cost things you can do to improve your guests’ experience of your hotel. Sorting out slippery showers is quite straightforward, and it could avoid a nasty injury.

Some recent Trip Advisor Reviews about hotel slippery showers:

“…but worst of all were the very slippery shower stalls (of the modular, plastic variety). I slipped badly myself, a number of others in our group also complained the next morning about how dangerous they were, and one unfortunate man actually fell and tore a tendon in his shoulder. This just isn’t acceptable. It was clear when some people complained the next day that the management was aware of this, so it is really terrible that nothing has been done to fix the situation. “

“Having a disability, I found the shower floor extremely slippery and very hard to maintain my balance. I doubt very much whether I would book into another Leisure Inn Hotel.”

“My wife and I stayed in a room for wheel chair use. The shower was a little tight but most of all the shower floor was very slippery. We were actually afraid to move without holding on tightly….we hope this problem can be remedied”.

So why not consider a simple improvement in your hotel baths or showers, and apply anti slip bath stickers to the base of the shower tray or bath? This is a very quick and low cost option, that will save you the concern of not only bad reviews on trip advisior, but also of the worry of a guest having a nasty fall.

anti slip bath stickers for hotels

Stylish hotel shower with anti slip stickers

For a quote to buy anti slip bath and shower stickers for your hotel or B&B, please email us at info@nonslipbath.co.uk . Just let us know how many rooms you have and we will send you a quote. If you wish to trial a few packs to start with, use our multi-buy offer to buy a few packs and see for yourself how effective they are https://www.nonslipbath.co.uk/product/anti-slip-bath-stickers/

Accessibility is becoming more important in the hospitality industry as we face an ageing population. It is important to cater for older people and those with accessibility issues, as these are often the customers who have disposable income to travel. So why not take heed of what your customers are saying and start notching up some great Trip Advisor reviews.