Magazine Reviews for Anti Slip Bath Safety Circles

March 2010

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Help! My bath’s too slippery

Q When I take a shower, the surface of the bath gets alarmingly slippery to stand on. I’ve tried rubber bath mats, but they get so grubby. Is there another solution?

A Yes, Non-slip Bath Safety Circles, which are embossed flat PVC discs a little larger than a 2p piece do the trick. They’re easy to stick to the bottom of the bath and we found they provided a decent slip resistant surface as well as being easy to keep clean.



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May 2012

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Q. My Grandchildren come to stay often and I need something to make the bath less slippery. Please don’t recommend a boring rubber bath matSandra, Gloucestershire

A. For something more fixed, Non-slip’s white bath stickers give the surface of the bath permanent grip, without spoiling the look.


August 2011

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My new bath is very slippery, but I don’t want an unsightly rubber bath mat, is there anything more discreet?

A bath that is slippery is a hazard for everyone. Rubber mats are ideal for reducing the risk of a fall, but if you have a shiny new bathroom you won’t want to spoil the look. For something that can hardly be seen you could try anti-slip bath safety circles. The embossed PVC discs atatch flat to the bottom of the bath to provide a slip-resistant surface.


October 2011

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Is there a discreet way to make my white bath less slippery?

Anti-slip Bath Circles by Non-Slip Bath, are self-adhesive white circles sold in packs of 28. Each circle is 3.5cm in diameter and will stick to a clean, dry bath. If you want to remove them at any time, they peel off and any residual marks can be wiped away with bath cleaner.


April 2010

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A great Idea

We all know that rubber bath mats can be fairly unattractive and not the most comfortable to stand on, but these discreet anti slip bath safety stickers are a revolution. Simple, stylish and safe, they stick directly on to the bottom of your bath or shower and provide a slip resistant surface that is easy to keep clean and won’t compromise on style.


May 2012

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Anti Slip Bath Safety Stickers

These anti-slip circles are textured flat PVC discs a little larger than a 2p piece (35mm diameter), which are easy to apply to the bottom of a bath. They provided a decent slip resistant surface as well as being easy to keep clean. They provide a much better permanent alternative to often unhygienic bath mats.


August 2011

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Some unobtrustive anti-slip stickers will make your bath safer and will offer a much more aesthetically pleasing – and hygienic – alternative to the ubiquitous rubber mat. Try the Anti-Slip Bath Safety Circles by Non Slip bath. These are embossed, flat PVC discs measuring 3.5cm in diameter, which are easily applied to the bottom of the bath. They provide a good anti-slip surface as well as being easy to clean.


March 2012

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Make your bathroom safer without compromising on style with these discreet 3.5cm stickers, which are easy to apply as they stick straight to your bath.