Many of us have friends or relatives who are getting older, or who have a temporary loss of mobility when they are recovering from an operation.

Bathing and showering can be particularly problematic, and something that they used to take for granted becomes a great cause of anxiety. Stepping into the bath can be very tricky, and there can be a great worry about slipping in the shower. Using a bath mat can help, but for many, bending down to put it in place is too difficult and if left in place it can become difficult to keep clean. This is why anti slip bath stickers are so useful. You can simply stick them down, and they stay in place, helping your loved one stay safe in the shower.

With 28 stickers in a pack you can put them down in a shower or bath to create a non slip area using the fitting template provided. Its easy to do, and our customers often come back to us to buy more packs for their other bathrooms or for relatives.

So if you have a friend or relative that is finding mobility difficult, why not buy them some anti slip stickers instead of flowers next time you visit?